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Optimmune (generic name: cyclosporine; Opticare Ointment) is used as a type of ophthalmic ointment to help with specific eye conditions in pets. When you buy Optimmune you should know its's principally created to deal with chronic idiopathic keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS, also called "dry eye"). If you buy Optimmune online, it will come in 3.5 g tubes.


Follow the directions for using this medicine from personal veterinary care provider. Apply Optimmune precisely as told. When you buy Optimmune online without prescription, remember that only fourth part of one inch piece of the ointment ought to be used on the afflicted eye every 12 hours.


Active component: cyclosporin. Each particular gram of Optimmune ointment holds two milligrams of cyclosporin A inside a petrolatum or corn oil or lanolin base.

Dosing and Administration

Remove dirt from the eye with the use of appropriate non-irritating cures. Apply a 0.6 cm line (a fourth part of inch) of ointment directly into the affected eye every twelve hours. The ointment may be applied directly upon the cornea or directly into the conjunctival sac.

It is suggested that dogs demonstrating chronic recurring conjunctivitis get tested for enough tear production to check if they're plagued by early stages of chronic KCS before buy Optimmune.

Time of assistance is based on seriousness of the health problem and the consequence aquired. Healing experience of treating of KCS tells that over 90 percent of dogs will require everlasting procedures. So, you will need to buy Optimmune online. If you want to achieve good results in keratoconjunctivitis sicca healing, cyclosporin A (Optimmune) ought to be administered at the beginning of the healing plan of the disease well before irreversible damage fibrosis of dog's lacrimal tissue appears.

For keratoconjunctivitis sicca, good results in the Schirmer Tear Test can be linked to a good prognosis in the event that you provide the aid.

A lot of the pet dogs ill with KCS or CSK will most likely need unending regular procedures. To make it possible you'll need to buy Optimmune online without prescription. For CSK, because of ecological aspects like perhaps ultraviolet radiation are implicated in the pathogenesis, medical signs can potentially diminish in the winter time when sun light intensity is lowered and as well as if the pet is moved to a lower height, and / or maybe in the house, and thus if in contact with less Sun radiation.

In matters of refractory to cyclosporin, the diagnosis really needs to be reevaluated and a distinctive program of therapy treatment considered. Periodic reassessment of one's necessity of procedures is advised.

With the intention to adequately determine response to therapy, it is very important to run a test for tear creation approximately three hours after having Optimmune Ointment put, that refers to the moment of peak cyclosporin quantity inside the cornea.

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Safety measures

When you buy Optimmune online keep in mind that medical results of Optimmune Ointment haven't been identified in pet dogs with keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) by the reason of the following problems: canine distemper virus, sulfonamide usage, metabolic disease, congenital alacrima, surgical removal of the third eyelid gland, and facial nerve paralysis with loss of the palpebral reflex. The various primary factors for chronic idiopathic KCS might be alternatively transient (i.e., facial trauma) or correctable with correct treatment. For example, you can buy Optimmune online without prescription to heal your dog. Consequently, recuperation from disease symptoms corresponding to KCS may very well be confirmed and in this case treatment options may require reconsideration.

Once you switch to cyclosporin of any other therapeutic agent (e.g. repeated application of an artificial tear generating) to treat KCS and / or maybe CSK, it needs to be thought because curative capacity typically is not essentially apparent promptly right after initiation of Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment therapy treatment. Couple of days to several weeks could be necessary before the curative results of Optimmune Ointment have sufficient level so that formerly started therapy treatment can be safely withdrawn. Abrupt ending of a therapeutic agent promptly after the starting of Optimmune therapy can result in immediate illness setback that may be wrongly interpreted one of the adverse results to Optimmune.

The safety of Optimmune certainly isn't established in occurrences of preexisting viral or fungal optical infections. It is advisable that in this scenario you pause a healing procedure till the fungal/viral optical disorder has been treated successfully.


Scientific and Security Research studies with Optimmune have shown a wide security range at the proposed dose intensity in dogs when you buy Optimmune online. In just a 6 month reasearch in which domestic dogs have been subjected to up to 10 times the ideal quantity of Optimmune, no adverse effect nor transformation in the titer reaction to vaccination were noticed.

Side Effects

At the time of scientific researches, no notable side effects were really confirmed.


Buy Optimmune and store between 2 and 30 C (or 35.6 to 86 F).

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